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Drivers of Second Largest Private Trucking Company in USA Get a Raise

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Drivers of Second Largest Private Trucking Company in USA Get a Raise

Drivers of Second Largest Private Trucking Company in USA Get a Raise

Drivers of Second Largest Private Trucking Company in USA Get a Raise by eMedia Staff Writer’ Representative of the nation’s second-largest private trucking enterprise U.S. Xpress announced earlier this week that starting from March solo drivers with one year of driving without any violations will get a 13.5% pay raise per mile. This would advance the wage and a driver making 80 cents per mile will then make 90 cents a mile for example. Last year U.S. Xpress raised driver wages by 13% across the board. According to the company’s spokesperson this new measure will raise a solo driver with five years of experience to $70k a year. Like most truckload and long-haul carriers U.S. Xpress also have driver teams: typically two drivers in a single truck swapping driving duties for faster delivery. Many drivers consider team driving a better choice for making money. However according to Eric Fuller the company’s president and COO solo drivers play a very essential role and out of roughly 3000 drivers working for the company almost 40% are solo drivers. He added that U.S. Xpress strives to reward good drivers who drive safe and constantly have to deal with increasing government regulations in addition to the hectic traffic on the roads. “I think as a major employer of truck drivers we have to help the industry attract more people and retain more people” he said. “I think employment is just going to get tougher.” There is heavy competition between the trucking industry and construction companies for workers. Fuller commented his company has “to create a job that’s attractive and I think pay’s a large part of doing that.” On January 21 U.S. Xpress will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The company has a tradition of employing cutting edge tactics for innovation in trucking and that includes driver pays. However other trucking companies in order to encourage good drivers have recently announced wage increases as well. The Nebraska-based trucking corporation Werner Enterprises that employs 14000 solo drivers under it also rolled out a pay raise for them in December last year. “Pay increases are one piece of our multi-faceted approach to attract and retain the best in the industry and make Werner the employer of choice” Werner President Derek Leathers said. Meanwhile Fuller said the increase in pay for U.S. Xpress’ solo drivers is a fresh tactic for the company and if the idea proves successful it may be put into practice with driver teams as well.

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