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Volvo Commits To Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Volvo Commits To Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Volvo Commits To Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Volvo Commits To Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions by eMedia Staff Writer’ Volvo has joined the 153 US companies in an effort to fight against global climate change by committing itself to support the American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge. The Senior Vice President of public affairs for Volvo Group North America Susan Alt said that the company envisions it to be a leader in sustainable transport solutions and catering to environmental care has been its core value for more than 40 years. Like most other companies Volvo is committed to practicing greener fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that harm the environment. The company encourages others to join in with its commitment as well because protecting the world we live in is everyone’s core duty. Volvo joined the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Program in 2010 and it is the only automotive manufacturer to having done so. The program like many other initiatives aims to reduce carbon emissions by 50 million tons during the company’s production process and by more than 20%. Volvo is a Swedish based automotive manufacturer and it is also an active participant of the Better Buildings Better Plants Program of the Energy Department of the US. It is one of the 11 groups that met its goal in the last quarter of 2014 to reduce energy consumption. It managed to do that in eight manufacturing facilities by 26.8%. This figure was compared to a 2009 baseline. On the whole though it is not only the responsibility of companies and truck manufacturing companies such as Volvo to take this pledge and contribute to climate change by reducing gas emissions which are rapidly destroying the ozone layer and harming planet Earth but of individuals as well. It falls on everyone’s shoulders to protect their space because only the combined efforts of every person will result in an aggregate effect that will lead towards prosperity. What can individuals do in this regard? Individuals can take simple steps to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions by growing their understanding of the problem and causing awareness in their surroundings. No matter how much the problem is advertised and how widespread it may be many people still remain immune to it. You know that driving is a major reason for carbon emissions and you can do a lot to reduce the unnecessary trips and reduce your miles in order to curtail carbon emission but the question is do you? Consider carpooling or walking for shorter distances so that you will not have to drive your car and there will then be fewer cars on the road. You can also switch to green power sources by looking at the alternatives available to you and contribute more to your environment. Contact your electricity provider to discuss your options and use energy sources with close to none emissions of carbon dioxide. If everyone contributes to a better environment in their surroundings the global climate change can be curtailed. Apart from companies many countries have also set their respective targets for eco friendly actions and are taking strong steps towards sustainable and low carbon emissions in the future.

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