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The Imminent US Food Safety Rules Will Heavily Effect the Carriers

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The Imminent US Food Safety Rules Will Heavily Effect the Carriers

The Imminent US Food Safety Rules Will Heavily Effect the Carriers

The Imminent US Food Safety Rules Will Heavily Effect the Carriers by eMedia Staff Writer’ The modernization of the Food and Safety regulations in the US can have a huge impact on the carrier fleets in both US and Canada. The latest news from Washington DC suggests that the government will be making sweeping changes in the regulations that will incorporate new requirements for the fleet corporations. The new act is aptly named as the Food and Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The subsequent changes were a long time coming as no changes had been made since 1938. The act itself contains 7 characteristic proposals one of which was recently introduced and included in the sanitary transportation of human and animal food. It is suggested to have an enhanced effect on the transportation rules and will be promulgated in all effects. The Deputy Commissioner for Food and Veterinary Medicine Sub-Department of the Food and Drug Administration US Michael Taylor said “This proposed rule will help reduce the likelihood of conditions during transportation that can lead to human or animal illness or injury. We are now one step closer to fully implementing the comprehensive regulatory framework for prevention that will strengthen the FDA’s inspection and compliance tools modernize oversight of the nation’s food safety system and prevent food borne illnesses before they happen.’ In a recent interview the Consumer Safety Officer of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Mike Kashtock explained the importance of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) which should be inherently applied to the existing principles of fleet companies. The enterprises who have already integrated it into their systems will have no trouble following the new rules. It only targets syndicates who are sloppy when it comes to the cleaning loading and maintenance of the machinery. The new changes will also place responsibility on food and carrier companies to document proof of handling the food products safely throughout the manufacturing and supply chain. Kashtock said “The FSMA changes the paradigm and requires the broader industry to go through the preliminary step of analyzing potential things that could go wrong and then put measures in place to make sure those things are monitored and controlled so they don’t go wrong or if they do go wrong they’re spotted very quickly and the food is taken out of the channels of sale. All the traditional requirements of the 1938 law remain but the preventive elements that were never as a matter of law the industry’s responsibilities are now the industry’s responsibilities.’ The innovation in these laws will target the transportation equipment machinery operations record keeping documentation and training in the sector. The real reasons for contamination promulgation of unhygienic conditions and lack of temperature control will also be singled out to solve the prevalent problem of food contamination at the interstate level. The rules are open to public debate until May after which the FDA will issue the final regulation guidelines which will be amended with the help of feedback. The court ordered deadline for publication of the final regulations is March 2016. But it will take at least one year to implement meaning that the carriers have until 2017 to amend their shortcomings.

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