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Relief Program Launched for Children of Deceased Trucker Parents

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Relief Program Launched for Children of Deceased Trucker Parents

Relief Program Launched for Children of Deceased Trucker Parents

Relief Program Launched for Children of Deceased Trucker Parents by eMedia Staff Writer’ Christmas is near and most children cannot wait. They are eagerly looking forward to what Santa will bring for them this year so that they can enjoy and celebrate the occasion with their parents. But for children of truck drivers who have lost their lives in service nothing can compensate their loss. However to make an effort to bring back a smile on their faces truckersfinalmile.org a not for profit organization has recently launched a Sleigh Bells and Santa program. With the help of Gofundme an online platform for fundraising the organization aims to raise money for these children to make them realize that life can be full of happiness again. Robert Palm founder of truckersfinalmile.org said that there has to be an organization that looks after these families and children and works for their aid. He said “We can’t bring back their mom or dad but maybe we can help get a smile maybe we can help with the household bills maybe we can help with gifts for the children. Notepads video games things that they would want during the year to help take their mind off the fact that there’s one more empty chair at the table.’ A truck road driver himself Palm shared his motive and rationale to create truckersfinalmile.org. Having had an accident in 2012 and suffered an appendix rupture he realized that the company that he had worked for for several years left him all on his own. This is when he realized that there may be other cases as well where truckers facing accidents were abandoned by their company. To help these truckers Palm decided to launch truckersfinalmile.org. Since then the organization has held fundraising events and encouraged other enterprises to share proceeds of the sale of their scrap metals in order to help these families to recover from the trauma by providing financial moral and emotional support. Since the Sleigh Bells and Santa program is commencing from 2015 for the first year Palm has set a goal of raising $50000 until December 10 through the campaign’s Gofundme account. He says that all the funds would be transferred to the families signed up for the campaign except for the transaction costs. The funds along with some offline donations would be made public after December 18 through the campaign’s website and Facebook pages. A detailed email needs to be sent on sleighbells@truckersfinalmile.org to enroll for the campaign. The campaign aims to provide some relief to children of CDL trucker parents who lost their life out on the highways in the course of their employment or self employment. Apart from this the Sleigh Bells and Santa program also aims to grant wishes of terminally ill children of CDL parents. Currently the program has raised $1000 having 14 children signed up. Palm wants to make sure that all the cases are considered and that equal distributions to all the families is made. However benefit value may vary as it is dependent on the financial contributions made by the public. He is also optimistic that a sponsor may inject some impetus in the fundraising.

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